Property Management

At Berger Realty Group, superior property management is critical to enhancing the value of a real estate portfolio. We are constantly looking for ways to achieve greater returns through revenue enhancement coupled with expense reduction. Berger Realty Group manages every development as if it is our own. We are convinced that personalized service and intelligent management can make the difference in safeguarding real estate assets and achieving investment returns. At Berger Realty Group our goal is to maximize revenue while minimizing cost to achieve maximum value for each real estate deal that we manage.


Berger Realty Group is constantly evaluating properties to acquire. We specialize in apartments, self-storage and golf course properties. Whether we are acquiring to add to our own portfolio or assisting investor clients to fulfill their acquisition criteria, we evaluate each transaction with careful analysis and due diligence to ensure success upon acquisition. Our goal is to identify opportunities in the marketplace and capitalize on these opportunities by deploying our management expertise to maximize the potential of acquired properties.


Berger Realty Group has over 25 years of experience in the areas of development and construction of residential and commercial properties. At Berger Realty Group our in-house property development team handles all aspects of the property development process, including sale or lease-up upon property development completion, development planning, approvals and entitlement, design & architecture, infrastructure installation, construction management, project management, funding and financing.